Our company, Cascina Baricchi, is situated in Langhe hills, in Neviglie and is faced on the Tinella valley, not far from Barbaresco, in province of Cuneo.

In 1979 my father, Giovanni Simonetta, knew this corner of Piedmont and he fell in love with the air that you breathe here and decided buying the farmstead.

He finally realized his dream: a house in the country, where to spend quiet moments with his family and in which produce “his proper wine”.

After a decade he started to produce and market the first bottles with “Cascina Baricchi” trademark.

As years go, the company grew up in quality. New ideas allowed to combine tradition and innovation, and to determine a production with very personal features. All our grapes come from our vineyard and we vinify them in our wine cellar.

Our wines are produced 100% declared vine.

We cultivate only autochthonous Piedmont vine, for the traditional Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Barbera d’Alba e Dolcetto d’Alba, while with non autochthonous vine, we produce: “Brigante in Fuga” (Pinot black), “Sharà” (Syrah) and “Bricco dei Bugiardi” (Merlot).

For the lovers of champagne-type wine, We also produce two traditional sparkling wines “classic method” and a Rosè, “Visage de canailles” from Nebbiolo from Barbaresco grapes and a “Blanc de noir”, Et Voilà”, made wit black pinot grapes.

Our company is advertised for his sweet wines: Guardo, a late vintage of White Muscat grapes, attacked from botrytis and “Solenne”, noble essence of a completely Italian Ice Wine, that we obtain from White Muscat grape, reaped in cold winter nights, when the temperatures go down – 7°C.

Piedmont is also country of “maitre chocolatier” and our Calissaja99, a black pinot flavoured with quinquina.

35.000 bottles of passion… mine.

As you easily may understand, there are 4 tipical wines of our territory, but my strong desire of experimentation enriched our company plan with new vine and different techniques of vinification.